Dandelion Burger is a simple concept focusing on homemade fresh ingredients. We have only two burgers on our regular menu, but we also experiment with new specials frequently.

Our blend of cuts for our beef patties always come from organic danish cattle. We receive rough cuts, 'on the bone' from an entire animal at a time.
We cut, trim and remove the gristle ourselves before packing the cuts and leaving them ready to grind fresh every day.
By using an entire animal at a time we are able to enhance the range of flavours and textures available to us when grinding the meat.
At the end of the process we add 20%-25% bone marrow which we mix with our ground meat to add umami and make our beef even more nutritious.

We have begged off on the typical yellow cheddar normally found in burgers and instead use an aged mature organic white cheddar, packed with flavour and
a creamy feature that is not possible to achieve with yellow cheddar.

Our homemade relish is made with mayo, herbs, truffle salsa and a mix of finely chopped raw-pickled vegetables, the combination of which add
to the umami of our unique blend of meat and our powerful cheddar.

These ingredients make up our seemingly simple but flavourful burger.
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